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Questions on Christo-Paganism

Hello! I've had a few questions on Christo-Paganism. Like how can you become one?, What do they believe in?, etc. I was raised Greek Orthodox but I found out about Wicca and I would like both in my life! Any help given would be much appreciated. Thanks! :)

Squidoo: ChristoPaganism

Adding another resource list to the discussion.

Article: Why Christopaganism?

Here is a link to a discussion about Christopaganism. It's probably been around awhile, but I found it interesting and thought I'd share.

Why Christopaganism?

Article: History of Santa Claus

Today is St. Nick's day/ Stocking day...

A bit of history here: http://www.christmaswithlove.com/santa.html

A removal of an entry: the why

I thought long and hard about removing the entry related to swastikas and neo-nazi thinking. I tend to be anti-censorship and pro-discussion. I am not opposed to intelligent discussion of swastikas, the stolen power symbol, or the role christ played in relation to his peers, as he did want to shake things up and get people's attention. I do, however, reject the notion that anyone who merely disagrees with a post will go someplace hot and bothersome and religiously questionable. Ultimately, I counted that comment as a flame towards the whole group, which means it counted as spam. And, because it was spam, I realized I had to ban the user.

We don't have a lot of conversations around here, but in general, I think we have pleasant and articulate ones. I would like to keep it that way. The posts, at least for a little while, will be monitored. I hate to do it, but since those who get identified as trolls sometimes become more vociferous after being assigned that role, I feel I must for the sake of our community.

If you have something meaningful or positive or beneficial to add, please do feel free to post. I will pass it on. Currently the journal default should allow comments. If we get a spammer in the comments, we'll reset to screening too.

*good thoughts*


Hello all!
I'm Brekke and I'm new here! I just joined and am excited to meet like-minded people to share this path with!! I'm from Atlanta, and have been a Christian for many years, but longed for something more. And here I am!

I have a question for you, what do you do to celebrate the Fall? Do you celebrate pagan holidays? Do you celebrate saint's feast days? I love this time of year, so I'm looking for some great ideas!

Intro Post

Name:  Dawn

Age:  35          

Area you're from (state/country):  Northern Indiana

How long you've been practicing:  I have been a Christian all my life, I have only recently added witchcraft to the way I practice my faith.

Path you're on (e.g. Christian Witch, Christian Wicca, etc.): 

I am a Christian Witch.  I have been a Christian for quite some time, but didn't really feel complete.  I was never really able to find an organized religion that matched my personal beliefs.  So I was left...seeking.  I did a lot of reading and felt really good about Wicca, but some well-meaning Christian friends informed me I was endangering my eternal soul.  I had only just begun my magickal journey and was easily swayed away from what I now consider to be my true path, that of the Christian Witch.  I have some very natural witchy tendencies and find merging my natural witchy-ness with my Christian faith to be fulfilling spiritually. 


What you hope to gain from this group:  I do feel like I'm floundering a bit as I don't know enough about witchcraft and I don't know any other Christian Witches.   I am looking for support, guidance, understanding, and information. 


Greetings, :)

I have a question, or several, rather. What do you, personally, celebrate? The Wheel of the Year, or the Christian feasts, or a mix of them both? Do you do your own rituals - and what are they like? I'm a curious soul - as a Kemetic and a Pagan with an effection for Yeshua/Jesus, I'd love to hear how others do this sort of thing. I don't go to church, for example, so I'd like to try to do things in my own home... How do you go about these things?

The Order of Céili Dé

I was just curious as to everyone's opinions on The Order of Céili Dé.  I fell in love with their message, but I also have read some pretty scathing things about their rewriting the history of Druidry as a "dewy eyed" version of the real history of Celtic paganism, and that their "syncretism" is a whitewashing, whereby their liberal Christian views eclipse the true pagan foundation on which they claim to build.

This was in Bonewits's Essential Guide to Druidism. 

The fact is, I am drawn to Celtic paganism AND Celtic Christianity.  I do not wish to look on the past with "dewy eyes", but want to hold it up as a salvation story in its own right.  Nor do I wish to pretty it up with Antiquarian Wiccan ideas that did not actually exist in the ancient Celtic world.

Can one be a Christopagan without actually saying that the Pagan past was in some way "incomplete" without Christ, that the Christ event was an historical fact?  Unless you see the Christian story as pure myth --one among many which you are intuitively drawn to but do not take as factually superior-- is there a way to honor the Old Ways without them being eclipsed by either Christian superiority or unhistorical romanticism?

I read somewhere -- perhaps the website for the Brigidine Sisters? -- that the Trinity was there long before Christianity came.  Of course, Celtic Reconstructionists scoff at the attempts at hind sight and attempts to "Christianize" the hard polytheism of the Celts.